Gangham style = everything that is wrong with the music industry

Gangham style= Everything wrong with the music industry

Now first off nearly everyone who has heard this song has no idea about the meaning behind the song or the lyrics, or even understand the language. The guy who sings it can’t even sing, the song itself is just a lazy half assed rip off of LMFAO’s rock anthem, Its like the singer saw that LMFAO video and thought I am going to do something as close to this without copying as possible even the video is of similar themes with crazy dance moves etc. I just cannot believe that a song such as this can get nearly 600 million views on youtube in less than a year! What is this world coming too? To put that in context that is more views than.

Every officially uploaded nirvana track that has ever been put on youtube     COMBINED.

14 times as many views as Johnny Cash Hurt.

Greendays official uploads total video views COMBINED
More than Metallica uploads combined.

More views than every official beatles upload on youtube.

more views than Michael Jackson’s Thriller,beat it, smooth criminal and Billie jean COMBINED.

The list is endless , Is this really the way the music industry is? I am sickened by it if I am honest. Sickened that something as ridiculous and such a blatant rip off from another groups songs in a language nearly all of the listeners don’t even understand can get more hits on youtube than some of the greatest artists the world has ever seen! Is that what the world has come too? Shall all us musicians just give up and write some lazy ass dance track using computer software make up some ridiculous lyrics and release it to the public? Is that what the population of earth are into now?

What happened too people with real talent making it big?  No one gives a fuck about people who work their ass off week after week slogging hard from gig to gig with amazing self written , self produced , self played material. No one even gives a fuck about that.

Since being in a band I have heard so many musicians that have more talent in a little finger than that gangham style moron has in his entire body and where do they get in the music business?! The answer is nowhere. Why? Because most of the the population of planet earth  have turned into morons who follow and do whatever the media tell them too do like brain dead sheep.

It saddens me that if my band and others ever want to make it in this industry we will have to lower ourselves to writing braindead garbage for morons. Well I will never lower myself too writing that crap, Could I do it? Hell yeah I could. To be honest though I’d rather live my life being poor and making and playing music live that I love doing than sell my soul too the novelty market,turn into a sellout and release some half assed garbage that has as much talent behind it as a fucking dead badger. Rant over and if you don’t like what I have said and want to reply with ,  “OMGZ DON’T SAY BAD STUFF ABOUT GANGHAM STLEz I <3’S DAT SONG” then Idon’t even bother cos I don’t give a rats ass . 😀 thank you and good day

T xxxx