X factor :The dirty truth they don’t want you too know.

Allow me to start by saying the things I am telling you about today are 100% fact. I have no way of proving the things I am about to tell you and the person who did these things cannot come forward and tell the truth because of legal reason of which I will tell you about later. If you choose to disbelieve me that’s your choice but do so at your own downright ignorance.

I have a real life person I know lets just call him Peter who auditioned for both Britain’s got talent and X factor everything I tell you are what actually happened to him on both shows.

So it started with the audition process, this is exactly the same for both shows Peter applied to go onto x-factor/Britain’s got talent by the usual means you send in pictures an application form and your backstory he did everything on the website.

A few months later Peter got called in for a first audition. Now you may be thinking at this point “a first audition? Surely you audition directly with the judges” You would be 100% wrong in this assumption.

The truth of the matter is you audition with the directors of the show first they will weed out anyone who isn’t right for the show. Examples of people who get through to judges auditions.

Good looking people
People who have great backstorys.
People who have great sob stories.
People who are eccentric and a bit weird
People who you don’t expect to have a good voice.
People who are terrible.
And obviously the high end singers.

The people they weed out are the people who aren’t interesting enough people with good voices who are bland/boring or don’t have the right look/right back story or people who don’t look good on camera things like that.

My friend is not a very good singer he thinks he is and I hope he never reads this (he is a middle aged man and doesn’t use the web)  however he is unemployed and has a criminal record which was the perfect recipe for interesting for the producers.

Let’s start with the X-factor audtion because of the controversy attached to him and the fact he was bad he got put through too the judges auditions and got three flat out nos. What interested me was when he returned and told me and people he knew,that the entire show was scripted the producers held placards up too him when he was with the judges telling him exactly what he had to say. The judges already knew everything about him and his backstory to have their reactions planned for the sake of the camera  He said that the placard thing  was like this for everyone and people were so desperate to get famous they just did everything they were told. He forgot about this and moved on then a couple of years later he applied to go on Britain’s got talent 2012 only this time he took some friends with him as he’d formed a rap group.

Again the same audition process ensued all of the men involved in the 4 piece rap group were unemployed and not very good so again they got through the live shows however this time was different.

The four men were filmed getting off the train and making their way to the audition with the live judges everything they said or did from the train onwards was carefully engineered too make them appear in a certain way. They were told everything they had to do and say from this point onwards. When they got into the waiting room this didn’t get any better. Carmen Elektra was the guest judge when he auditioned and the producers held up placards making him say they he was here to impress her even though he hadn’t even heard of her in reality. When he got on stage his microphone was turned down and he was made too sound way worse than he is the audience were told too boo him , the judges already knew everything about him before he even went on and had scripts in regards to his history that they learned and read from. He didn’t get through and got 4 nos from the judges and went home.

I watched it too see his auditon out of interest and they had a video package with him in saying “on next weeks show” but for some reason he was cut out of it at the last minute I am unsure why. Also what you have to realise is from when you audition with the judges too the live shows there are months inbtween in whcih the artists they want too win get coaching, get styled by stylists and are made as good as they can be for the live shows.

When my friend got home he was so shocked and angry that he wanted to talk about what happened to him on the show but when you go on there they make you sign an agreement and if you talk about what happened to you too any media or anything like that you will face serious consequences involving lawyers and such,  So there you have it the truth is these reality TV shows run by Simon Cowell are 100% scripted and engineered.

I have noticed this a lot recently since he told me my girlfriend watches the show and a young girl went onto there who was a pink tribute artist and she stated she had been told too sing a pink song the judges denied this but it was 100%  true . The judges didn’t tell her to sing it but the producers did below is the audition I am talking about for anyone interested.

Also the show is so edited its unreal I saw a segment recently where a lot of “Tulisa fans” came on and they made it out and edited it like it all happened in one day but quite clearly she was wearing different outfits in each scene and it didn’t happen all in one day despite Lewy saying “You have got a lot of fans today” This shit happens week in and week out on that show and people don’t seem to notice

I cannot understand how the British public are too damn stupid to realize what a farce x-factor really is and why people continue too tune in. The entire thing from start to finish is engineered towards the people they want too win. They edit segments in such a way making some people look worse and others look better with the sole intention of making the public vote for that singer.

Subliminal messaging is a powerful tool as proved by the famous magician Derren Brown and Xfactor use a lot of this and the media too achieve their goals. The problem is people are too scared to come out against a man as powerful as Simon Cowell.

The truth is a real musician could never make it on a show such as Xfactor and that’s the problem with it they aren’t looking for musicians they are looking for puppets.

Thanks for reading

The lead singer xxx


do people like new live music anymore?

Do people like listening to new music live anymore? It’s a very interesting question I have played quite a few gigs now and in my own personal experience I would say 70 percent of the time no they do not. I recently played a set with a green day tribute and the two bands who supported them including my own pretty much played all original music and we got hardly any reaction from the crowd at all despite the fact both bands were good and put on a great show. In fact the only big cheer my band got was when we done a cover of Jimmy eat worlds the middle.

I have had similar experiences during other gigs as well it seems to me these days people only want to hear songs they already know and are frightened to try something new. Unless they have heard the songs previously or been force fed them by the media they aren’t interested or bothered about hearing new music. Obviously this isn’t me painting everyone with the same brush here there are some people out there who love to hear new sounds it just appears that these days the majority of people have gotten lazy when it comes to music and only enjoy stuff if they have heard it before.

I however refuse to sell my soul to the covers industry we do have a few covers in my band just too carry things along but I am not willing to give up my original music whether people react to it or not.My bands set will always be mostly original material . I will never bow to the masses and let us turn into a full covers band that just isn’t me. T

Three types of band

So as I previously wrote I have been in my current band now for over 9 months during this time we have played 12-13 gigs in some of the biggest venues in my local area. The first thing I would like to talk about in this blog is the other bands I have played with/supported during my time in Dead on 20. I like to put them into three categories Legends, Passives and cocky asswipes.

Legends: We have played with quite a few bands who fall into this category , They are friendly , talk to you, like your band page, stick around to listen to you , tell you they enjoyed your set and are all round nice guys.

Passives: These are bands that generally don’t get involved with anyone or anything they come in play the set then leave without as much as a conversation. I am not too bothered about people like this I just steer clear.

Cocky asswipes: Now I have a few stories in regards to guys like this. These are the type of people you will encounter in this business that will make you want to gouge their eyeballs out with a rusty spoon.

The first band I encountered like this were a covers band that did various 80’s cover music they acted cool to us while we were there it wasn’t until we got up on stage we realized what a bunch of cock jockeys these guys really were. They had brought their own sound guy along and he deliberately made us sound AWFUL . Turned all the instruments right down, turned the vocals down so you could barely hear them and generally made things as difficult for us as possible just to make themselves look better. When they got up on stage they set all the sound to loud got the levels spot on and made us look like amateurs this was my first encounter of assholes.

My second encounter was in a battle of the bands there was only roughly 40 people or so there watching the event and this band showed up with a make up artist , changes of clothes merchandise sellers the works all for a small gig in a pub . They didn’t stop there though backstage we overheard them talking about how easy this was going to be for them to win and how all the girls would love them etc. Turned out they finished 4th and spent the rest of the night sulking.

My last encounter was recently we played supporting a tribute act to Green Day in a big venue in my area we thought the gig was going to be ace until we got a list of rules through the E-mail which included. No backstage access, We had to remove all equipment out of the building the minute we finished the set, we had a 30 minute slot if we played over even by 30 seconds we would be cut off by the sound engineer and various other petty rules. Anyone would think they were the actual Greenday bear in mind to this gig we brought along 30 people and earned them 250 pounds . They did cut us off subsequently at the end of our set.  We didn’t run over though  as I timed it carefully but at the end of the set I was about to thank the crowd and got cut off. didn’t even get the chance to say thanks :(, People must have thought we were rude as fuck!

But yeah those are my experiences of other bands I have played with so far! If you come across any of the types above yourselves comment and tell me what happened!

T xxx


Hey my name is Trev and I am the lead singer/songwriter of a punk rock band from Southampton England named Dead On 20. I have decided to write this blog to let people across the world know exactly what its like being in a band trying to make in the UK in modern times. My band has been going for around 9 months and during this time we have had various ups and downs and I will be writing about all of these as well as things that are currently happening to me and things i feel like talking about. Welcome to the real world of Rock!